Maintenance & "How To"

How do I link my bank account?
How do I begin contributing to my Honest Dollar account?
How do I cancel?
What types of self-employed individuals or entities can use Honest Dollar?
What type of accounts are available to me?
What if I choose an account type and want to change it later?
What are my options if my income exceeds the Roth IRA phase-out range?
Why should I use this retirement plan program vs. other providers?
Why was my Model Portfolio recommended to me?
When are my contributions invested?
What is BPS?
What funding options are available for my Honest Dollar account?
When do my micro deposits appear in my bank account and how long do I have to validate these deposits?
Can I withdraw funds from my Honest Dollar account?
What is the maximum I can contribute as a Self Employed 1099 individual?
What is my Weekly Contribution?
What is my One Time Contribution?
What if I over-contribute?
How does the withdrawal process work?
Using IRA assets for ancillary efforts (first time home purchase, college, etc)
Do you offer checks or wire transfers for deposit or withdrawals?
Where do I find my billing information?
Can I sign up for Honest Dollar on my own?
Can I pay the monthly wrap fee for my employees?
Can I choose which account I get?
What types of companies or entities can use Honest Dollar?
Does Honest Dollar offer checks or wire transfers for deposit or withdrawals?
How do I add employees?
Does Honest Dollar integrate with payroll?
Is Honest Dollar tax deductible and if so how much?