How do I get started with Honest Dollar?

From our website, simply click the Get Started button in the top navigation to begin the process. You can also download our iOS mobile app. There are three steps to getting fully set up:

  1. Onboarding questionnaire: In this first step, we’ll guide you through a series of straightforward questions. Your answers will help us understand your retirement goals so that we can recommend an investment portfolio that aligns with those goals.

  2.  Account selection: This page will show our recommended portfolio for you based on your answers to the onboarding questionnaire. We’ll tell you the overall allocation of the portfolio (stock ETFs vs. bond ETFs), the assets in the portfolio, and the portfolio’s investment objective. You will also have the opportunity to view certain portfolios other than the one we recommended. Once you have reviewed your options and feel comfortable that you understand the makeup and objective of the portfolios, you will select the portfolio that you believe best meets your needs. Then you’ll choose your IRA type (Traditional, Roth, or SEP). You can see a comparison chart of these accounts here.

  3. Opening your IRA account: After selecting a portfolio and account type, you’ll be ready to link your bank account and choose a contribution schedule for funding your IRA. You can learn more about contributing to your IRA account here.

All along the way, our support team will be here to help you.