Who is a trusted contact person and what information do I need to provide?

A trusted contact person is intended to be a contact who we or your custodian, Apex Clearing Corp., can reach out to regarding your account and the safeguarding of your assets. Your trusted contact person will not be able to access your account or transfer assets to or from your account.

If you choose to designate a trusted contact person, and we or Apex have reason to believe that misuse of your account has occurred, we or Apex may contact the person and disclose certain information about your account as well as confirm information about your current status, including health status or the identity of any legal guardian, executor, trustee or holder of a power of attorney. We or Apex may also place a temporary hold on a disbursement of funds or securities from your account if either party believes it is appropriate.

Providing a trusted contact person is optional. If you do designate a trusted contact person, they must be 18 years of age or older. If you wish to identify a trusted contact person, you can do so in your dashboard profile after logging into your account.