How do I link my bank account to my IRA, or change my previously linked bank account?

You can instantly link your bank account by logging into your Honest Dollar account from our secure website or iOS mobile app. You only need to link your bank once and all you need is your bank username and password.


We’re able to connect with most banks thanks to our partnership with the digital platform Plaid. Plaid currently supports more than 1,500 banks and is constantly adding more. With Plaid, you’re able to quickly and securely connect your account without having to provide your bank account and routing number, or wait several days to receive a microdeposit to verify your account.


It’s possible that we don’t support the ability to link to your bank yet. If you’re unable to find your bank, email us at Let us know the name of your bank and we’ll do our best to work with Plaid to prioritize it.