How do I link my bank account, or change my previously linked bank account?

During the onboarding process or after you’ve opened an account, you can link your bank account either by logging in to your bank account or providing your bank routing number and account number.

Log in to your bank

You can link your bank using your bank username and password.  We’re able to connect with most banks thanks to our partnership with the digital platform Plaid. Plaid currently supports more than 2,000 banks and is constantly adding more. With Plaid, you’re able to quickly and securely connect your account without having to provide your bank account and routing number.

Use your routing and account numbers 

You can use the routing and account numbers for an account that is in your name and owned by you (individually or jointly).  You must have full rights to the funds in the account, which must not be a business account, and your bank must be located in the US, the US territories of US Virgin Islands, a US military base or a US embassy. We will make two small deposits into your bank account (such as $0.01 and $0.06) within 1-3 business days.  Check your bank account to verify the deposits are there. You’ll see them as credits. You then have 10 days to log in to your account and verify the deposit amounts.