How does the withdrawal process work?

You may withdraw or transfer money from your Advisory Account by initiating a withdrawal or rollover request through the Site at any time. You will not be able to request withdrawals or rollovers unless and until you connect a bank account to your Advisory Account. Honest Dollar will undertake good faith efforts to generate and place the orders for such sales on the Business Day after you request a withdrawal or rollover, but such orders may be placed at any time within five Business Days after your request. Our Custodian will transfer the proceeds of the applicable sales in the amount you request to your Funding Account The Custodian will not initiate a transfer of money for a withdrawal or rollover until the Business Day after the last applicable sale for such withdrawal has settled and that it may take up to five Business Days after the Custodian initiates a transfer of money for the proceeds of a withdrawal or rollover to arrive at the destination account.